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The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is a place for all car-lovers since 1905: luxury cars, sports cars, and even cars destined for the ordinary people debut here every year. The environmental pollution was a hot topic this year, and there were more than 145 world premier car concepts as well. Experts say that nowadays the Geneva

Read More » April 7, 2017

Electric cars

As we have more and more electric cars on our roads, it’s getting more and more important to familiarize ourselves with them. Personally, for me it has always been very interesting to think about information technology and see how much this industry has evolved – while our cars (and internal combustion engines specifically) have still

Read More » March 2, 2017

Interview with a car-enthusiast

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with our colleague, Tamás at BARE, who happened to be a big car fan himself. At BARE we care about our people’s interests and personalities, especially because we can learn so much from them. Enjoy the interview!   How long have you been a car enthusiast? How

Read More » February 2, 2017

10 things you probably didn’t know about Road Rules

Road rules and highway codes have a long story: the first ones were made even before the appearance of cars. They were made in order to drive safely, control road traffic, and protect people. The rulebooks have changed a lot since the first publications, so we collected a few facts from the most interesting parts.

Read More » December 2, 2016

Rainclouds and silver linings

  I love autumn. Whenever I say this out loud, most people go for one of these two reactions: They either try to be polite and only think that I am crazy, or they go ahead and say it right in my face. In the latter case, this small insult is usually followed by statements

Read More » November 24, 2016

4 rules of learning how to drive a car

I’m sure you all remember the first time you sat behind the wheel, started the engine, and took your first “steps” with the car… Either it was easy or hard to learn how to drive. Your father or an instructor was with you, it’s still probably one of the most exciting experiences in our youths.

Read More » October 27, 2016

Interview with a true expert – combining the love of cars with mystery shopping

    Gábor started working for BARE International in 2012 in the Budapest office. He is very much dedicated towards the automotive projects, so it is no wonder he is dealing with a lot of projects from this industry. You work for a mystery shopping company – have you ever done any kind of mystery

Read More » October 13, 2016

Automotive mystery visits

Why? – Why not! It’s fun. This is a brief story of a BARE employee, who is a bit of a petrol head and wanted to do some visits himself. For one, it’s interesting to go through the same procedures as our evaluators, having the same butterflies in the stomach when entering the dealership, and

Read More » October 6, 2016

Road Trip in the States: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

If there was one destination that had been on my travel “to do” list for a very long time, it must have been the West of the USA. In June 2016 the moment had finally arrived and with a group of 5 friends we took a 3-week road trip through the amazing national parks and

Read More » September 29, 2016

Rent a car and drive around in Azerbaijan

I have recently travelled to Azerbaijan for a week. There are not that many options to rent a car, you can find big international companies with small cars, medium sedans or SUVs or doubious local companies, with various cars in various shapes. It would have been possible to rent a Ferrari, but for our purposes

Read More » June 2, 2016
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