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Mystery Evaluator Meetup in Budapest

Bare International held a Mystery Evaluator Meetup in its Budapest office in May. Therefore we would like to thank all the Evaluators who participated, for taking the time to give us the opportunity to get to know you much better. What happened? We showed the Evaluators around and introduced what each department does or is

Read More » July 21, 2016

Mystery shopping scams – true or false?

“Where is the catch?”. “Oh, it’s a scam”. “It is too good to be true”. “The company just wants to rip me off”. “Yeah, I think mystery evaluation is a scam”. “They just want my data”. Are the statements above familiar to you? We are sure some of them are. If you have ever wondered

Read More » December 18, 2015

Art Meets Supercars. The Challenge 2015.

Join Joseph Klibansky as he gets ready for The Challenge 2015. Learn about the man behind the artist, how he got to paint on one of the sexiest canvases ever, a Porsche 911, and which car he will turn into pure art as he takes to the wheels himself. Joseph Klibansky is one of the

Read More » August 19, 2015

Car Enthusiasts to Evaluate Nissan Dealers across Europe

Bare International, a global leader in customer experience development, is looking for thousands of car enthusiasts in 17 European countries to evaluate the service level at Nissan car dealers. In 2015 the Nissan Programme will drive a new wave of customer experience to better meet the needs of both its customers and its dealer network.

Read More » April 23, 2015
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