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Permanently Working From Home? Now What?

The working world as we know it has changed drastically since the rise of COVID-19. Many employees were forced to abandon their office space to work in a space of their own. For some, the switch was mandatory, while for others it was more of a safety precaution due to health concerns. Now that more […]

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A Report From the Recovery: Credit Trends to Watch in 2021

‘If you work in or are connected to the credit industry—whether as a lender, a retailer, or even a B-to-B manufacturer that offers financing to encourage sales—it’s a good time to survey the credit landscape.’ BARE shares an article by Susan Doktor and Jason Steele for Money.com on what credit card issuers need to know.

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How To Create Customer Love In The Digital World

‘Many companies are embracing technology. They are finding ways to serve the customer using digital tools. Self-service tools give customers control over their experience. Investing in this type of technology can be financially beneficial to a company. It seems like a win/win for both the customer and the company, and it can be. It can […]