Expert Tips and Tricks

Here are just a few quick tips and tricks that will help keep you from being discovered while on assignment:


Read over all of the questions on the survey prior to completing your assignment

Smart Phone

Upload the survey to your smart phone so if you forget something while you are on assignment, you can pull it up without anyone knowing what you are looking at.


Use a newspaper crossword puzzle as an inconspicuous note sheet – simply fill in specific names or other items in the blanks.

Your Phone Number

Fake phone numbers are a great way to jot down the name of an associate or the time associated with your assignment.  Use your own home or cellular number as a base.

Example:  Home Phone # (123) 456-7890

Use the number to substitute items in your shop.  Say for example the associates name is Tom and he acknowledged you presence in the store at 1:15.

Simply jot down:  Tom  (123) 456-7115


Another way to take note of particular times in your shop is to call yourself and hang-up.  This way, when you check your voicemail, you will have a message precisely at the time of the notable event.  This can also be a useful tool for recording a conversation.  Simply call your voicemail just before you are ready to record the persons conversation.

Text Messages

Use a text message to send yourself details about your shop while they are fresh in your mind.


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