Evaluator Testimonials

""Fun shops, straightforward reporting, friendly staff and prompt payment--Bare International is just the kind of company I love to work with as a mystery shopper!""

- Carmin S.

""I have been with Bare as a evaluator since 2002 and have completed over 6500 shops. BAI is a wonderful company to work for. The schedulers, editors and staff are all professional and friendly. They pay on time and it is refreshing to work with such a good team.""

- Stephen M.

""BARE International has been a wonderful company to work for. The mystery shops are fun and I get to work from home most of the time. The project managers are friendly and always respond quickly to my emails or phone calls. The work is consistent and I get paid quickly. BARE International is one my favorite mystery shopping companies to work for. It is a company I know and trust.""

- Heather M.

""My experience as an Independent Contractor for BARE International has been very positive! Their system is easy to navigate, shop opportunities are plentiful and they will help you all along the way. My scheduler is an awesome communicator and keeps me aware of my scheduled shops while occasionally giving me a heads up on future shopping opportunities. I have 4 part time jobs and also run a small business selling items online. Mystery shopping for BARE International gives me a lot of leeway in scheduling around my work and family obligations. I did well over 100 mystery shops during my first year for BARE International.""

- Gerry B.

""BARE is one of my favorite companies to work for. The schedulers are always prompt in getting back to me. They have always made me feel that they value my work, and have made me feel appreciated. I would highly recommend this company based on my interactions with them.""

- Jennifer K.

""Bare schedulers are responsive and accessible, even on mind-bogglingly large accounts, and look for ways to acknowledge good shoppers. Their payroll system is also among the industry's most consistent and reliable." "

- Gary R.

"Every time I have contacted an account manager at BARE I have had a positive experience. They are always so helpful and understanding."

- Judy P., Virginia