BARE International currently performs retail evaluations in over 100 countries across the globe. We know it is critical for retailers to maximize profitability to stay competitive; we’ve combined this knowledge with years of experience to develop our comprehensive Mystery Customer Research programs. Our programs help retailers worldwide to improve operations, enhance customer service, develop brand loyalty and increase revenue.

BARE International can help you improve overall performance and productivity through customized services, including:

  • Mystery Customer Visits to Assess Sales and Customer Service
  • Mystery Visits to Competitors
  • Mystery Phone Audits
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Phone Call, IVR or Email
  • Customer-Intercept Interviews
  • Employee Reward and Incentive Programs
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Case Studies

Who’s Minding Your Store? 

Recently, when a retailer wanted to move beyond basic Mystery Shopping and develop email interviewing standards for preferred customers, as well as create specific data collection programs and overhaul its in-store comment card program, it called BARE International for a complete makeover.

BARE International developed a customized plan of action for the retailer:

    • To measure perception with reality
    • Develop a Mystery Shopping evaluation program – three different departments visited twice monthly – to assess client and employee product knowledge and performance
    • Create a flexible evaluation program enabling additional programming requests as client’s needs change
    • Analyze data to establish overall store performance scores according to client’s criteria

As a result of BARE International’s initiatives, the retailer experienced myriad benefits and was able to:

    • Improve customer service and performance in all departments
    • Analyze data to create equitable bonus program for store managers
    • Establish new client Marketing Department tools for interviewing customers via email and storing responses in a uniform, accessible way
    • Formulate program to transfer data from in-store comment cards to a web-based reporting system
    • Combine all three data-collection sets – Mystery Shopping evaluations, online customer interviews and in-store comment card information – into one reporting system yielding one overall summary score per store

Pleased with the results and new in-store productivity gains, the client reports the program a great success and says it accomplished “all we had hoped it would, and more.”

For more information, please contact:

Lynne Brighton, Senior Vice President
(800) 296-6699  Ext. 3133