Today’s automotive customers are savvy, demanding and – with readily available consumer resources – more knowledgeable than ever before.  BARE International’s Automotive programs provide industry leaders around the world with customized research and information that helps automotive sales teams execute dynamic, customer service-oriented sales models, as well as develop strategies for increasing long-term customer relationships.


Automotive service companies like yours receive immediate feedback that helps improve customer service, wait times and appointment setting. Your company can be evaluated at multiple points of service, determining your associates’ level of service and franchise / brand compliance.

BARE International’s customized Automotive services include: 

    • Mystery Evaluations of Sales and Customer Service
    • Competitor Mystery Assessments
    • Mystery Customer Telephone Inquiries
    • In-person Customer Satisfaction Interviews
    • Video-Enhanced Sales Training
    • Sales Incentive Programs
    • E-mail and Web Evaluations


For more information, please contact:

Lynne Brighton, Senior Vice President
(800) 296-6699  Ext. 3133