Michael Bare


Michael Bare (Mike) is a pioneer and leader of the mystery customer research and audit industry. In 1987 he and his partner, Dale Bare, founded BARE International. More than 20 years later they have revolutionized the field of customer service evaluation for all industries, enabling clients to truly see the inner workings of their business operations.

In 1997 Mike co-founded the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). His vision then and now is to bring advanced consistency and quality to the customer marketing and research industry. He is an MSPA global board member and is also a member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, a professional society of the top 200 hospitality consultants in the world.

Mike’s background includes the hospitality industry, where he understands firsthand the challenges inherent in the roles of regional director, owner, and operations director. Mike also has a passion for service evaluation and travel. He combines these interests by bringing his unique perspective of the customer service industry to business forums and conferences worldwide. In addition, his industry-related articles have been published in numerous trade periodicals and newspapers.

Mike thrives on developing strategic advice to support BARE’s clients. He is always searching to optimize client potential. In 2001 he created Video Eyes LLC, a firm specializing in hidden video recording to assist with staff training.