Dale Bare


In 1987, Dale Bare, armed with a typewriter, a box of business cards and a commitment to making customer service more than just a generic tagline, left a lucrative career in advertising, marketing and public relations. Formerly, she was a part of EPIC (a Virginia based real estate business with offices nationwide) where she was responsible for the grand openings of the more than forty branches, and an employee of Peat Marwick International (now KPMG). Just prior to starting BARE, she had her own public relations and marketing business.

Today, she and her business partner, Michael Bare, have fulfilled the idea that customer service and quality control can be measured and that models can be developed from this raw data to improve corporate growth and revenues across any industry

Dale’s deep understanding of customer research, customer-employee relationships, and the importance of developing business standards and procedures to support client strategy and infrastructure has turned BARE International into one of the United States, top diversity-owned businesses.