Customized Solutions

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our growth.  Our Core Competency and Sole Focus is Customer Experience Measurement.  Each and every program we implement has been designed meticulously to offer our client the ideal combination of information and reporting that suites their particular needs.

Program Design and Implementation

Program management success ranks at 100%, through our world-class design process, planning and implementation.  Our programs are well known for their objectivity, accuracy and attention to detail.

Our business development managers really listen to you and what the goals are for your program, they take the time to read through your requirements, research your industry and locations to establish the ground work for your project.  Business strategy organizational charts and graphsWith the total picture in mind, they pull from their vast range of industry expertise and design your exclusive program.

Having both local and international experience in a wide range of industries, we have the expertise to offer you advice on the best practices for reaching your Mystery Customer Research goals.  Our associates add value to our programs by making recommendations that been employed successfully by others in your industry with similar goals.  BARE’s expansive client base provides unique insight into successful global Customer Experience Measurement programs.


BARE Premier Evaluations

Executive Consulting Services are designed to reveal the perceptions of the affluent consumer.  Each audit will be performed by one of our “exclusive” appraisers (Executives, Officers, Controllers, Directors, Presidents, Owners, etc.).   To learn more about Executive Consulting Services, click here.


At BARE, we care about your goals and the success of your project.  Therefore, when we design your custom program we will periodically recommend services provided by one of our market research partners.  The effectiveness of your program is of the utmost importance to us.  In providing the highest quality customer service, we have found that some goals are best met through a combination of BARE services and affiliate resources.

Here are just a few of our associates:


Threads offers qualitative research through the use of in-depth observation and interviewing methods.  The company was founded by Mark Michelson, a qualitative research consultant and consumer anthropologist with over 25 years of experience.  Mark is an expert focus group moderator and ethnographer who has conducted thousands of studies worldwide.  To learn more, click here.

Mike Wittenstein

Mike Wittenstein brings more than 20 years of experience to the table through Customer Experience Design.  His technique is simple and involves understanding what your customers prefer, what your employees need and what the business does best and desires most.  This starts from an outside in approach.  To learn more, click here.

Aspire Marketing

With revolutionary training and consulting programs, Aspire offers revenue generation solutions that get results!  Aspire’s award-winning revenue generation solutions are customized to ensure immediate impact.  Aspire’s programs provide training, coaching and consulting services aimed at Customer Retention, Sales Conversion, Productivity, Team Building.  These programs are all uniquely designed to optimize your return on investment.  To learn more, click here.