Executive Consulting

BARE Premier Evaluations

Premier Evaluations are designed to reveal the perceptions of the affluent consumer.  Each audit will be performed by one of our “exclusive” appraisers (Executives, Officers, Controllers, Directors, Presidents, Owners, etc.).  Critiques will be conducted by executives, who are accustomed to interacting with prestigious companies around the world.  Their perceptions divulge details about the transaction that are beyond that of a typical consumer.  Acclimated to higher standards, these polished professionals are capable of distinguishing performance areas that have not met their perceived expectations.

The Premier Evaluations will address each element of your brand standard, extending beyond service measurements with Executive Debriefing.  At the conclusion of each assessment, the evaluator will arrange a meeting with a corporate representative, of a similar level.  The debriefing will highlight exceptional service areas and reflect on aspects of the experience that were notably inadequate and offer constructive solutions.  Auditors will convey the intangibles of their observations at length, including staff attitude, friendliness and sense of urgency.  These touch points are tailored to the needs of the client and can be as brief or as copious as necessary.

The Premier program harnesses the essence of the customer relationship and garners that energy for retention, continual improvement, operational efficiency and long-term success.


For more information, please contact Mike Bare at mbare@bareinternational.com